Really happy with it! Easy to use and great photo quality! I send it to my uncle with ALS so that he can see everyone who loves him at any time! Many family members are connected to the list and can all share photos. Many of us live far away and this is the perfect gift!
Great photo frame
– Stephanie
The photo frame is easy to set up, connecting the frame to the app is also very simple, my daughter can now send me pictures every day, great! The sound of a new photo on the frame always makes me happy! (Red: sound can also be turned off). Every time I receive a photo it is a small surprise!
Works perfectly!
– Jason
Have bought this for our grandma, very easy to use. Turns on itself in the morning and off in the evening. Good quality photos. Nice that you can add photos remotely via app. Too bad it doesn't work with a battery. Always requires cable
Easy & nice, but with power cord unfortunately
– Thomas de Boeck
I have bought the list for Father's Day and I really love it! I now have many pictures of my grandson and I often receive new ones! Really a good idea! The photo quality on the screen is very good! If the image automatically goes to the next, it is nice to see what happens and so many memories come back! Do not hesitate to buy this list! You will love it!
You will love it!
– S. Taal
So easy to send photos, I gave this to an older family member and she could use it without problems. I often send photos and they arrive immediately without delay
Simple and easy
– Nicole O’Donnel
I think it's great that I can send photos while the list is on my daughter's desk and I'm just at home! As the owner of the list, you approve 1x that someone can share and he can always post photos remotely!
Easy to install and use!
– Lanelle
We have bought 2, one for each of our parents. My parents were off to the sun for the winter and I sent it to them. Both families love it. They were easy to set up and use, we sent photos of our Christmas dinner in real time and my mother kept texting how happy she was. Now every time we take family photos or experience fun things, we send photos to their photo frame. They are always happy to come home and see what is new now!
Best Christmas present ever!
– John
Very happy with it - this photo frame is perfect for my grandmother, who lives in a nursing home - with the frame we can keep her informed of what is happening with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and she doesn't feel alone.
Perfect gift for grandparents
– Renee
Easy in use. Bought as a gift for my father of 78. Great success! He really doesn't have to do anything about it. Obviously helped with installing WiFi. But then the screen rotates all photos. You can choose whether you want the list in portrait mode or in landscape. The photos immediately rotate as soon as you turn the list. The list comes on at 7:00 am and it automatically goes out at 11:00 pm. That is the factory setting. You can of course change that. Tip: In Frameo you see all your photos but not in folders. To make searching for older photos easy, I do the following. I select a photo in photos on my iPhone, tap the square with the arrow at the bottom left, and then choose Frameo and send the photo to the list
Big success
– Saskia
A gift for my non-tech savvy parents. The WIFI and the app (iOS and Android) make it very easy to share our photos. In short, a must
A must!
– Peter Nieuwesteeg